It's Easier to Think
I am Mark Meneses, the Miami breed.
I hum music with my words, and my fingers follow soon after.
Sometimes I whisper; sometimes I become a news anchor.
Creation, appreciation, & apprehension.
Watch my footprint gain depth in the sand.

Everything I post on here is original unless otherwise noted or cited, including poetry, images, and videos. Opinions, however, are all mine mine mine.
"Because we’ve grown up thinking of ourselves in relation to the political-media-entertainment ephemera, in our safe and comfortable homes, given the time to think about how we would fit into this or that band or TV show or movie, and how we would look doing it. These are people for whom the idea of anonymity is existentially irrational, indefensible. And thus, there is a lot of talking about it all — surely the cultural output of this time will reflect that — there’ll be a lot of talking, whole movies full of talking, talking about talking, ruminating about talking about wondering, about our place, our wants and obligations — the blathering of the belle epoque, you know. Environmentally reinforced solipsism."
Dave Eggers
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